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Thu, Jun 30, '22

A Decade of Change


At Aiwyn we talk a lot about the “Firm of the Future.” The Firm of the Future is not
your parents’ accounting firm, where “business as...
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Thu, Jul 15, '21

How to Meet Shifting Client Payment Expectations By Addressing Your Firms Biggest Exposure Points

Businesses like Amazon haven’t just permanently shifted expectations customers have for B2C...

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Wed, Jul 7, '21

Time Is Money.

When it comes to billing, your partners are wasting both.

If you’re like most other accounting...

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Wed, Jun 16, '21

Top 6 Online Payment Best Practices To Speed Up Your Firm's Cash Flow

NOTE: The recommendations in this article assume you’ve learned to avoid the top 6 online payment...

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Thu, Jun 10, '21

Top 6 Online Payment Mistakes That Slow Down Your Firm's Cash Flow

We talk to a lot of executive and finance leaders of accounting firms. Every single one wants to...

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