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Our Story

Aiwyn Values

Collectively, our team has built professional services and technology businesses from the ground-up, and we've launched dozens of SaaS and AI solutions.

The shared foundation of our past successes: values.

Here are Aiwyn's . . .



We have the courage to . . .

  • Take calculated risks
  • Love others and be vulnerable
  • Dissent when we disagree and listen to dissenting opinions
  • trust


    We trust . . .

  • In a higher purpose to direct our company
  • Our team to do the right thing and always assume good intentions
  • Others and know that transparency is imperative to success
  • build


    We build . . .

  • To create a measurable impact
  • Better by humbly and passionately learning with customers
  • With simplicity in mind, and do not add complexity for the sake of complexity
  • Meet Our Team

    We're an interdisciplinary team of humble "do-ers" with deep, practical experience

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    Our Advisors

    Solon Angel

    Founder, MindBridge Ai

    Susan Kimberlin

    Angel Investor in Enterprise SaaS

    Edgardo Pappacena

    Ex-Global Chief Strategy Officer, PwC

    Tien Tzuo

    CEO, Zuora



    Remote Work

    We have team members in Charlotte, Austin, San Francisco, Jerusalem, and Sao Paolo... when we say "work from anywhere", we mean it.


    Unlimited PTO and Anniversary Travel Credits

    At your 1 year anniversary, you'll receive a $1k cash travel bonus. At your 2 year anniversary, a $2k bonus. And so on, every year. We want you to get out and enjoy travel!


    World class health benefits

    We've supported the health and wellness of all team members and their families from day one.


    401k Matching

    We support their financial health and wellness, too.

    VIDEO: see Intelligence-Based BilllingTM in action!

    Video overview of Anduins AI work to cash cycle platform