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Firm Success Is Our Priority

That’s why we’re building PracticeOS

Running a firm shouldn't run you into the ground, but success breeds stress as clients expect more work at a quicker clip. Partner time is lost to manual tasks and administration, while outdated software causes additional hurdles and stress, leaving you with overwhelmed staff and underserved clients.


Propelling Your Firm Forward

Aiwyn is a better way for accounting firms to serve clients and empower their professionals. Developed alongside CPA firms and forward-thinking technology experts, we created the profession's first open practice automation platform. Known as PracticeOS, this platform saves firms time and drives revenue so your partners and staff can focus on client service.

A decade ago, Justin Adams built PwC's AI Center of Excellence on Automation, pioneering AI for accounting and consulting firms. Three years later, Adams and Pat Morrell launched Digitize.ai, a health tech company acquired by Waystar.

Justin and Pat revamped their brain trust to launch Aiwyn (originally branded Anduin) and work with leading accounting and consulting firms in a "beta" development program to build the first version of Intelligence-Based Billing™. A year later, Aiwyn's Trailblazer program gave select accounting firms early-access to this software platform.

Firm leaders and their clients wanted more.
The Aiwyn team and platform experienced full-throttle expansion after 2020, adding payment, collection, and billing automation solutions to our services suite. Then, the accolades came: Accounting Today’s “Top New Product” award in 2021 and 2022 and the “2023 Innovation Award” from BDO Alliance USA for our Billing Automation.
We started Aiwyn because we saw a better way for accounting firms to serve clients and empower their professionals. With a small but dedicated team of successful technologists and CPAs, we set out to create the first open practice automation platform, PracticeOS, that will save firms time and money, and free up partners and staff to focus on client service.

Aiwyn’s Values: The Real Assets



We champion transparency, welcome differing perspectives, uphold accountability, and trust that others have good intentions.

We strive to build trust with our customers and to be a catalyst for their success. 



We have the courage to take calculated risks and embrace change, knowing what worked in the past won’t always work in the future. 

We dare to push boundaries and won’t let anything stand in the way of our full potential.



Rooted in determination and innovation, we chase extraordinary outcomes. 

We shape our actions around impactful results—the benchmark of our progress and the measure of our success.



With an unyielding determination, we push beyond boundaries, continuously seeking improvement and growth.

We approach challenges with an unwavering resolve, never settling for mediocrity, and always striving to surpass expectations. 

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