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Why CPA Firm Leaders Partner with Aiwyn

Built For Firms With Firms

Many firms feel stuck with aging, unintegrated tech stacks and unresponsive support teams from legacy solution providers.
With Aiwyn, you're not only a customer but a collaborator.
We team up with you, knowing your pain points are the starting point for solving what's next. We didn't build this platform alone in a garage with our fingers crossed that it would work. You're part of our process. Along with your input, we bring our hard-earned technical expertise and lived-in insights of the profession to create what you need. We're copilots in this venture together.

Our ROI speaks for itself:

Increase in cash flow speed
Increase in overall collections
of invoices paid within seven days with Smart Statements
of invoices paid within two weeks of Collections reminder
share of late invoices paid after one Collections reminder
Increase for online payments collected

Experience our technology to transform your firm today.

Aiwyn Home Anglin@2x
Aiwyn Home Aprio@2x
Aiwyn Home Bennett Thrasher@2x
Aiwyn Home Berkowitz Pollack Brant@2x
Aiwyn Home BMSS@2x
Aiwyn Home Boos and Associates@2x
Aiwyn Home Brown Edwards@2x
Aiwyn Home Buckno Lisicky@2x
Aiwyn Home CBIZ@2x
Aiwyn Home Citrin Cooperman@2x
Aiwyn Clark Schaefer Hackett@2x
Aiwyn Home Cohen Co@2x
Aiwyn Home Daniells Phillips@2x
Aiwyn Home Deleon and Stang@2x
Aiwyn Home DGPerry@2x
Aiwyn Home Edelstein@2x
Aiwyn Home Elliott Davis@2x
Aiwyn Home GBQ@2x
Aiwyn Home GranthamPoole@2x
Aiwyn Home Hancock Askew@2x
Aiwyn Home HBK@2x
Aiwyn Home HCO@2x
Aiwyn Home Hogan Taylor@2x
Aiwyn Home James Moore@2x
Aiwyn Home JLK Rosenberger@2x
Aiwyn Home KMA@2x
Aiwyn Home Lane Gorman Trubitt@2x
Aiwyn Home Lumsden McCormick@2x
Aiwyn Home Marks Nelson@2x
Aiwyn Home MGA@2x
Aiwyn Home MGO@2x
Aiwyn Home Moody and ONeal@2x
Aiwyn Home MST@2x
Aiwyn Home Perkins and Co@2x
Aiwyn Home Pinion@2x
Aiwyn Home Polk@2x
Aiwyn Home PPCO@2X
Aiwyn Home Rea and Associates@2x
Aiwyn Home Reese Henry@2x
Aiwyn Home SAX@2x
Aiwyn Home The Bonadio Group@2x
Aiwyn Home Walz Group@2x
Aiwyn Home Wiles and Taylor@2x
Aiwyn Home William Vaughan@2x
Aiwyn Home Windes@2x
Aiwyn Home Windham Brannon@2x
Aiwyn Home Withum@2x
Aiwyn Home CARR Riggs Ingram@2x
Aiwyn Home Cherry Bekaert@2x

We’re building PracticeOS: Your new source of truth.

PracticeOS is the world’s leading practice automation platform — AI-driven, adaptable, compatible, and remarkably efficient.

With PracticeOS, you can finally create a single source of truth across your entire tech stack to reduce friction, ensure accuracy, and drastically reduce time spent on tedious manual processes at every stage of the revenue cycle. 

Our team is
your trusted guide.

Aiwyn means “wise friend” in Old English, and we act accordingly. Our team will guide you through this AI shift in the profession. We’ll work alongside you to develop the best solution for your firm’s needs, integrating into your existing systems for less hassle, more free time, cash flow, and a better client experience.

Hear From Your Peers


Cash Flow

Cash Flow
Boost cash in hand to pay partner dividends instead of tapping a credit line.
% Increase
In Cash Flow Speed
Client Experience
Give them the best with one portal to pay invoices with a single click.

Invoices paid within 7 days

Sustainable Growth
Power profitability and topline revenue by automatically creating and sending client invoices and statements.
% Increase
in overall collections

Empower your practice with a human touch.