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Payments Automation

Aiwyn Payments is a software solution built to help accounting firms streamline the invoice payment process for their clients. From invoice delivery to reconciliation, Aiwyn Payments integrates with your existing practice management system to uncover insights, simplify and improve back-office tasks, and provide a best-in-class client experience.

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Increase profitability and cash flow

  • Collect cash faster with online payments.
  • Responsibly surcharge for credit card payments and processing fees.
  • Enforce and standardize late fees.
  • Minimize risk with a NACHA- and PCI-compliant payments platform.

Reduce manual partner and back-office tasks

  • Move to a best-practices model by transitioning back-office staff away from per-partner invoicing and payment tasks.
  • Consolidate data into a single source of truth.
  • Lessen the burden of manually processing payments and reconciling data against client records.
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Provide a best-in-class client experience

  • Clients can see their entire accounts receivable in one view, including clients who represent multiple business entities.
  • “One-click” payment experience, similar to the payment experience they expect and receive from other modern businesses.
  • Provide clients with a modern, intuitive payment portal where they can make online payments, set up recurring payments, and pay multiple invoices at once.

Your Challenges, SOLVED

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80% of modern accounting firms are responsibly surcharging credit card processing fees.
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Increase profitability & cash flow by responsibly surcharge credit card payments and processing fees.
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120+ days is the average DSO for mid-size accounting firms.
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Reduce DSO while providing a best-in-class client experience with a “one-click” payment experience through a modern, intuitive payment portal where clients make online payments, set up recurring payments, and pay multiple invoices at once.
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60 hours per month, on average, firms are spending reconciling payments across multiple, disparate systems.
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Reduce manual back-office tasks and non-billable hours from partners by automatically creating and sending invoices and statements to clients while providing a consolidated view of AR.


“Since implementing Aiwyn's Practice Automation platform, we have seen our digital payment volume increase 3x YoY. Additionally, our DSO has decreased by 10 days, meaning we are getting paid 21% faster!

This solution has been a game changer for both our firm and our clients!”

J. David Brown | Controller

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