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Relay is Aiwyn's cutting-edge data ecosystem, seamlessly connecting, synchronizing, and automating actions across your entire tech stack. It's not just a solution; it's a revolution for your firm and client experience, allowing you to harness your most prized asset, client data, and concentrate on what truly matters — your team, your work, and your clients.

  • Connect Everything: We connect your entire tech stack together seamlessly.
  • Keep Data in Sync: Your important data stays consistent across all your tools.
  • Personalize Your Data: Tailor your data to fit your needs, like adding extra client details.
  • Automate Complex Tasks: We create smart automation for tasks triggered by specific events.

Syncing data-min

Automated Data Management

Relay automates data management for accounting firms, providing a centralized hub for syncing critical information across your entire tech stack. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and data inconsistencies while streamlining operations, enabling you to focus on your people and your client’s experience.

Personalization and Integration

Relay empowers you with personalization options, tailoring data entities to your specific requirements, while offering automation opportunities that enhance workflow efficiency. This customization empowers you to provide a more personalized service to your clients while ensuring data security and compliance.

Cutting Cost-min

Cost Savings and Enhanced Client Experiences

Relay not only reduces operational costs through improved efficiency but also enhances the client experience by offering data-driven interactions. By fostering collaborations with other tech solutions, Relay opens up growth opportunities for your accounting firm within a compliant environment.

Elevate your firm with Relay—it effortlessly syncs data, enables flexible automation, and connects your tech stack so it works for you, not against you.