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Billing Automation

Aiwyn Billing is a software solution built for accounting firms to simplify and automate the tedious billing process. Integrating seamlessly with existing practice management systems, Aiwyn Billing relieves frustration from drawn out processes while also giving firms back more valuable time, higher realization, and speeding up cash flow.

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Increase profitability & topline revenue

  • Reduce the average time WIP sits in an unbilled state.
  • Improve billing compliance by getting bills out the door in a more proactive and timely fashion.
  • Minimize bill disputes and write offs by processing and distributing bills in real time.

Eliminate the frustration of generating bills

  • Proactively generate bills each month through streamlined processes and real-time collaboration.
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources in a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your practice management system.
  • Automate your billing processes and remove tedious steps and approvals.
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Elevate your client experience

  • Deliver bills in a timely manner — so your clients can pay on time and avoid late fees.
  • Spend less time on tedious billing tasks and more time focusing on your clients.

Your Challenges, SOLVED

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10% of partner time is lost on invoicing per month.
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Increase profitability & topline revenue by reducing the average days WIP sits in an unbilled state.
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53% of frustrated clients are due to a poor billing experience.
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Elevate your client experience by providing clients with a modern, intuitive payment portal where they can receive bills in a timely manner allowing them to pay sooner and avoid late fees.
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On average, partners wait 100 days to send clients an invoice after completing services.
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Eliminate the frustration of generating bills by automating your billing process, removing the need to wait for next steps and approvals. Proactively generate bills at the end of each month through a streamlined process and real-time collaboration.

Since implementing Aiwyn's Billing Automation, Edelstein is sending bills 2.4x faster.

Unlock your revenue potential with Practice Automation.