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Upcoming Events Q4 2021

By | Sep 23, 2021

Aiwyn has big plans as they head into the fourth quarter of 2021.


VP of Sales, Bruce Abrams, is looking forward to networking with other experts in the accounting profession. “It is very important for me to learn and contribute to the challenges that accounting firms are facing. Technology is evolving and firms need it to streamline, so the conversations are endless.”


The A-Team is scheduled to attend and sponsor the following events:

  • 11 BDO Alliance in-person area meetings
  • PKF International (Miami, FL)
  • Boomer Fall Tech Circle (virtual)
  • Winning Ways (Chicago, IL)
  • NicheWorks (Nashville, TN)
  • ITA (Savannah, GA)
  • Digital CPA (Nashville, TN)

“We are thrilled to sponsor these events where we look forward to addressing important topics in the accounting profession and showcasing our proven Intelligence-Based Billing™ platform to show how we can help accounting firms and solve their problems, said Chief Executive Officer, Justin Adams.


To learn more, contact Aiwyn today! 

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