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Aiwyn Core Value Winner - Q2 2022

By | Sep 16, 2022

We are pleased to announce the Q2 2022 Core Value Winner!


Core Value Winner_Heather Mesquita



Vice President of National Accounts, Heather Mesquita, was selected by her A-Team peers as someone who displays our company's three core values: Trust, Courage, and Build


Our three core values are the shared foundation of the company and is the driving force behind everything we do. In 2021, we created the Quarterly Core Value Award to recognize the employee who embodies Trust, Courage, and Build at every level of their work and interaction with projects, peers, and partners. The Quarterly Core Value Winner exemplifies our commitment to our values and makes us stronger.


Group 23 (1)

Congratulations, Heather!


"Heather holds a very kind disposition while tactfully keeping focus on the objective during her calls. She is very relationship-focused and always puts the customer first.""


"Heather is a hard worker that thinks strategically about business goals. She is an expert and leader in the accounting profession and understands the importance of technology and how it can truly help firms. Knowing this, she brings passion to this business because her main goal is to help accounting firms have success."


"Heather consistently exemplifies our core values by driving sales, deal velocity and overcoming challenges with prospects. She is one of our top revenue producers and great teammate.“


Thank you, Heather, for your excellent work and for truly embracing Trust, Courage, and Build in all that you do. We truly thank you for being a trusted member of the A-Team.

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