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PracticeOS Marketplace

Beta Product

Connect and integrate at scale.

We want what you want – a platform to run your firm that continuously adapts to future technology changes and delivers best-in-class tools and experiences for your clients and for your Partners and staff.

The PracticeOS Marketplace enables just that. A modern and dynamic technology platform that supports a continuously-improving range of solutions — some made by our team here at Aiwyn, others by other solution providers you know and love – and integrates data and experiences in one cohesive place.

With PracticeOS Marketplace, you are free to focus on serving your clients and not sweat the bad optics or limitations of legacy systems, knowing that you’ll always be able to use premium solutions.

Apex Automation

Experience the culmination of our founding vision to redefine the integrated techscape of the CPA profession.

Integrate the Old with the New at Scale


Welcome to Your New Tech Stack Source of Truth

We created the architecture to connect a modern application suite to legacy systems with an open platform so your client and your team experience superior benefits.


A Connector Collection

Your firm can visit one place to discover and deploy approved 3rd party vendors who specialize in serving the CPA profession. Aiwyn to Hubspot? Consider them connected. Unleash data. Unlock solutions.

Remove Firm Pain with a Single Pane

Instead of wrangling dozens of interfaces or dealing with custom development and countless APIs, unify your data into one cohesive operating space for clear-eyed visibility.


Calm the Chaos

Experience a command center to automate and orchestrate cross-system communication with relay solutions to heighten the value of our PracticeOS while consolidating systems to cut costs.


Lift the software burden. Raise efficiency gains. Supercharge solution value.

Give your clients integrated capabilities you didn't think possible.

PracticeOS Marketplace is in early development.

If you are interested in adding PracticeOS Marketplace, click below and join our waitlist.