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Client Engagement Automation

Early Adopter Product
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A streamlined workflow to draft, send, execute, and renew engagements.

Most CPA firms wish they could fix their engagement letter process. It’s often a chaotic, time-consuming mess muddled in manual data entry with out-of-sync systems and templates stored in various places across the firm.

Automate your engagement letters and save time.

You know how client engagement letters (don’t) work – create a letter, download the PDF, then print, mail, email, or upload to a document repository and send it to the client. Many engagement letters get lost or forgotten, buried at the bottom of inboxes – and even if they’re received, they may be rife with wrong templates, missing sections, or outdated language, leading tol egal and cost risks.

Change the Rules of Engagement

Our Clients & Engagements solution empowers firms to standardize, optimize, and automate client engagement letters. Similar to Payments & Collections, you can send engagement letters to clients with automated reminders so they can view and sign through the Client Portal.

We enable a unified client experience by integrating with your existing practice management and CRM systems unlocking client and firm data. Simplify the intake process for a better outcome for you and your clients.


Create engagements faster for your clients

  • A friction-free experience that saves time and effort for firms and clients.
  • Draft, send, execute and renew engagement letters with a streamlined workflow.
  • Clients are easily reminded through email about outstanding engagement letters.

Easily scale your engagement letter processes and personalize engagements for your clients

  • Firms can generate one or 1,000+ engagement letters with automated processes, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and the potential for personalization.
  • Clients can access a central, secure portal for document sharing, e-signatures, and convenient payment options.

Boost your firms’ bottom line and limit document chasing.

  • Clients can select AutoPay when they sign the engagement letter for future invoices which reduces unpaid invoices and expedites cash flow.
  • Our real-time data synchronization eliminates duplication and other costly errors caused by manual processes.
  • Facilitate annual renewals across all clients and letters with only a few clicks and apply fee increases dynamically.

Client Engagement Automation: A Number of Opportunities

in revenue and margin left on the table annually.
of partner time spent on unbillable back-office work.
of firms say client onboarding is inefficient and costly.

How Our Portal Works

Easily build an unlimited number of unique engagement letter templates
Create profitable engagement letters in under a minute.
Quickly batch create engagement letters
Draft large batches of engagement letters without the use of mail merge.
Track the status of every engagement in a single view
No more guessing which engagements have been signed.
Give clients a streamlined experience to execute and view engagements
Clients can easily e-sign their engagement letters.
Easily renew your engagements
Easily track which engagements are up for renewal.
Create profitable engagement letters in under a minute.
Draft large batches of engagement letters without the use of mail merge.
No more guessing which engagements have been signed.
Clients can easily e-sign their engagement letters.
Easily track which engagements are up for renewal.

Our Integrations

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Success Story

Celia Rodgers, Accountant, JRBT
Celia Rodgers, Accountant, JRBT
“I could not have asked for a better system to change to”
Digital Payments Collected Year-Over-Year (YoY)

Increase in Overall Collections YoY

Of Clients Paying Multiple Invoices

Engage your clients earlier and power up your profitability.