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Intelligence-Based BillingTM can...

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Aiwyn Billing is a software solution built for accounting firms to simplify and automate the tedious billing process.

Integrating seamlessly with existing practice management systems, Aiwyn Billing relieves frustration from drawn out processes while giving firms back valuable time and speeding up cash flow. Time previously wasted on billing can now be used on strategic projects and billable client work.
Aiwyn Billing enables firms to:
  • speed up cash flow by reducing the average number of days WIP sits in an unbilled state.
  • reduce time spent on billing from DAYS to HOURS.
  • relieve frustration by offering a modern, real-time collaboration workflow that seamlessly tracks core bill generation activities.
Improve your employee engagement and retention by eliminating your team’s tedious and manual tasks and giving back time for them to engage in more appealing and strategic work.

Intelligence-Based BillingTM solves work-to-cash problems across your firm

Billing + Collections + Payments

Automate the work-to-cash life cycle with AI

  • Save time and free up firm-wide billable hours
  • Insights, control via digitally-centralized billing
  • Delight clients with a seamless experience
  • Automate rote work and focus on clients
  • Optimize invoices to communicate value
  • Avoid the end-of-month collections fire drills
  • Stop chasing staff, clients on AR deadlines
  • Improve collections with AI-led automation
  • No more manual payment reconciliation
  • Enhance the value of current IT systems
  • Retire AR workarounds and system Band-Aids
  • Deliver the "easy button" for billing
  • ceo_white ceo-grey CEO /
    Managing Partner
  • partner_white partner-grey Partner /
  • ar-white ar AR Manager /
    Support Staff
  • leader-white leader IT Leader

Insights: AI predictions + controls

Control for MPs. Visibility for CFOs. Relief for IT.

  • Set firm-wide goals and rules to optimize growth
  • Get actionable insights on staff, projects, and clients
  • Fuel productive "peer pressure" and stack rankings
  • Unlock unprecedented insight to firm leaders
  • Easy to deploy; no impact to current systems
  • Access clean and enriched data (exportable)
  • Risk-rate clients, invoices, and projects with AI
  • Dynamically model cash flow and impacts of change
  • Uncover trends driving risk and profits
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    Managing Partner
  • leader-white leader IT Leader
  • coo-white coo CFO / COO

Supercharge your systems


Intelligence-Based BillingTM

enhances existing systems and data, integrating with cloud and on-prem systems.

VIDEO: see Intelligence-Based BillingTM in action!

Video overview of Anduins AI work to cash cycle platform