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Intelligence-Based BillingTM can...

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Intelligence-Based BillingTM solves work-to-cash problems across your firm

Billing + Collections + Payments

Automate the work-to-cash life cycle with AI

  • Save time and free up firm-wide billable hours
  • Insights, control via digitally-centralized billing
  • Delight clients with a seamless experience
  • Automate rote work and focus on clients
  • Optimize invoices to communicate value
  • Avoid the end-of-month collections fire drills
  • Stop chasing staff, clients on AR deadlines
  • Improve collections with AI-led automation
  • No more manual payment reconciliation
  • Enhance the value of current IT systems
  • Retire AR workarounds and system Band-Aids
  • Deliver the "easy button" for billing
  • ceo_white ceo-grey CEO /
    Managing Partner
  • partner_white partner-grey Partner /
  • ar-white ar AR Manager /
    Support Staff
  • leader-white leader IT Leader

Insights: AI predictions + controls

Control for MPs. Visibility for CFOs. Relief for IT.

  • Set firm-wide goals and rules to optimize growth
  • Get actionable insights on staff, projects, and clients
  • Fuel productive "peer pressure" and stack rankings
  • Unlock unprecedented insight to firm leaders
  • Easy to deploy; no impact to current systems
  • Access clean and enriched data (exportable)
  • Risk-rate clients, invoices, and projects with AI
  • Dynamically model cash flow and impacts of change
  • Uncover trends driving risk and profits
  • ceo_white ceo-grey CEO /
    Managing Partner
  • leader-white leader IT Leader
  • coo-white coo CFO / COO

Supercharge your systems


Intelligence-Based BillingTM enhances existing systems and data, integrating with cloud and on-prem systems.

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VIDEO: see Intelligence-Based BillingTM in action!

Video overview of Anduins AI work to cash cycle platform