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Aiwyn Core Value Winner - Q3 2022

By | Nov 29, 2022

We are pleased to announce the Q3 2022 Core Value Winner!


Blog_Q3 2022 Core Value Winner_Tim Nowaczewski

Software Engineering Lead, Tim Nowaczewski, was selected by A-Team peers as someone who displays our company's three core values: Trust, Courage, and Build

Our three core values are the shared foundation of the company and the driving force behind everything we do. In 2021, we created the Quarterly Core Value Award to recognize the employee who embodies Trust, Courage, and Build at every level of their work and interaction with projects, peers, and partners. The Quarterly Core Value Winner exemplifies our commitment to our values and makes us stronger.


Group 23 (1)

Congratulations, Tim!


"Tim is always helpful, diligent, positive, and caring. Admittedly, there is much more I could at to this list. His professional and personal conduct is truly inspiring. With his raw talent, I have full confidence in us producing powerful features that include insightful algorithms, patterns, and architectures (while also enjoying the experience every step of the way). He is an effective mentor, so it's only natural to improve in his presence.

With this, I wholeheartedly nominate Tim 'Novajetski' for TRUST, COURAGE, and BUILD.

"Oh, the places we'll go."


"Tim continues to go above and beyond in his advocacy of Aiwyn, pushing his team to greatness, and exhibiting his passion to build.


Tim leads with trust, showcasing both a trust in leadership as well as being a trusted and respected leader to those around him. He has exhibited extraordinary courage in taking new responsibilities, leading our Engineering team through the Billing Module delivery, and leading through example. He truly lives by example, and is the epitome of a servant leader.


I feel that Tim represents the best of Aiwyn, and am proud to work alongside of him."


Tim accepted this award and recognition with gratitude: "To receive such an award when all of my peers are at the top of their game is truly an honor. I could not ask for a better team to work alongside, and I look forward to all we will accomplish!"
Thank you, Tim, for your meaningful work and for truly embracing Trust, Courage, and Build in all that you do. We truly thank you for being a trusted member of the A-Team.

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