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Aiwyn Billing Frees Up Partner Time and Speeds Up Cash Flow

By | Dec 4, 2022

We at Aiwyn have been working on something BIG–and now we’re excited to share it with accounting firms everywhere.


Aiwyn Billing is a software solution that simplifies and automates the tedious billing process, resulting in relieving frustration while speeding up cash flow for firms. Aiwyn Billing enables accounting firms to generate bills quickly and efficiently, giving time back to firm employees that can instead be spent on higher value work. Bills are sent to clients faster, resulting in faster cash in the door.


Our latest solution builds on the success our customers have had with our Payments & Collections solution, which provides a frictionless bill-pay experience for clients. And just like Payments & Collections, Aiwyn Billing integrates with your firm’s current practice management system. Rather than having to scrap everything and start over, firms can simply introduce Aiwyn Billing as a complement to their existing technology stack.


Why Did We Build Aiwyn Billing?

At Aiwyn, we put our customers first and move towards where they lead us from a product development perspective. As we worked to unlock time and money for top accounting firms, our customers started vocalizing their desire for a powerful, modern software solution that couldsmartmockups_l9ylrbg7 3 relieve the intense pain of their current billing processes. As a result, we started co-developing Aiwyn Billing with a select group of forward-thinking customers. This collaborative effort resulted in an innovative solution that drastically reduces time spent on bill generation, streamlines low-value tasks into an automated process, and accelerates cash flow by quickly moving WIP from an unbilled to billed state.


We are excited to announce the pilot launch of Aiwyn Billing with one of our trusted partner firms, Edelstein & Company, LLC. Edelstein is a very satisfied Aiwyn customer that has been reaping the benefits of our Payments & Collections module; the impact of Aiwyn has been:

  • 3x increase in YoY digital payments,
  • 27% invoices paid within one week, and
  • 4.5x increase in credit card payments.


How Can Aiwyn Billing Help Your Firm?

As a technology partner focused on Practice Intelligence, we are always listening to our customers to understand their challenges and then building solutions that will help them overcome those challenges and achieve their goals. We built Aiwyn Billing in the same way, and below are some ways Aiwyn Billing could help your firm:

  • Saving your client services and operations staff time by eliminating tedious and manual billing-related tasks, which frees them up to do high-value work like developing stronger relationships with clients.
  • Standardizing your billing process with automation and better governance within workflow software. Track collaboration activity and customize the Aiwyn Billing software to successfully execute upon your firm’s billing process transformation.
  • Getting cash in the door faster by sending your bills out much more quickly, a critical advantage for firms wishing to shore up their financial health in this uncertain economic climate. Implementing Aiwyn Billing can drastically reduce your unbilled WIP.
  • Delivering a superior client experience by getting your bills out the door much faster. When clients receive their bills in real-time to the work that’s been completed, they can remember all of the excellent work that you’ve done and will pay the bill with fewer disputes.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent by providing a modern, painless billing experience that employees actually enjoy using, and enabling your top talent to do what they do best—serve your clients and grow your business.


Want to find out more? Schedule a demo and see how Aiwyn Billing can help your firm save time and money.

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