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Success Story - Edelstein

Founded in 1968, Edelstein provides exceptional client centered services while maintaining a focus on their people. By partnering with Anduin, Edelstein has enhanced their client payment process, demonstrating their commitment to utilizing the best technology tools in the industry and improving operations for their team members.


After working with Anduin, Edelstein saw:

  • 2x

    Increase in YoY online payments

  • 27%

    Invoices paid within one week

  • 4.5x

    Increase in credit card payments

“Anduin's Intelligence-Based BillingTM software has been instrumental in helping us evaluate, track, and improve our cash flow.” 

Michelle Walsh, Chief Operating Officer at Edelstein



⋮ Challenge

With a focus on client service, Edelstein approached Anduin to help resolve a critical business
challenge while enhancing their clients’ experience. Their inability to access data within their
practice management software was preventing them from delivering a sophisticated online
payment experience.


Delighting clients with an easy to use payment platform. By incorporating Anduin’s intuitive payment processing software, Edelstein has successfully enhanced their clients’ bill payment experience. By leveraging the Anduin technology, Edelstein has improved their overall efficiency, while providing the best experience to their clients and enhance the firm’s ability to track key firm performance metrics.

Unlocking data for deeper insight and operability. With Anduin, Edelstein can more readily access their data, providing them with a level of depth and insight into the firm’s overall performance. After their first month of implementing Anduin, they have increased the number of invoices paid within 7 days by 27%, more than ever before!


  • Founded in 1968

  • Inside Public Accounting Top 200 Firm

  • Anduin customer since 2021

  • Integrations: Thomson Reuters Practice CS