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Fri, May 20, '22

Aiwyn Core Value Winner - Q1 2022

We are pleased to announce the Q1 2022 Core Value Winner!

Group 10 (2)



Software Engineer, Josh Small was selected by his A-Team peers as someone who displays our company's three core values: Trust, Courage, and Build




Our three core values are the shared foundation of the company and is the driving force behind everything we do. Recently, we created the Quarterly Core Value Award to recognize the employee who embodies Trust, Courage, and Build at every level of their work and interaction with projects, peers, and partners. The Quarterly Core Value Winner exemplifies our commitment to our values and makes us stronger.


Group 2267

Congratulations, Josh!


"Josh is always there when you need him, and crushing whatever task is sent his way. The man is a machine. He pushes himself to build the best product possible, and is always seeking to enhance his expertise. He helps out in every capacity, from assisting Customer Success to quickly updating demo portals, he still manages to get his sprint work in on time. I cannot imagine our business without Josh."

'"There are some people, where you know if they accept ownership for something, that they'll do quite literally anything to accomplish it and uphold it - and Josh is the person those people look up to and strive to emulate. Trust is too soft of a word to describe the level by which people have faith in him, but there's far more to Josh than exemplifying trust.

From the first day, Josh frequently and consistently took on challenges well beyond the scope of what one would reasonably expect. However, with extreme tenacity for building great practice management software with extreme ownership, he has consistently delivered. Josh had the courage to join a very early startup and spearhead the delivery of our first payment application - an application that had an extremely high quality bar. While it was hardly an easy journey, it was made easier knowing that Josh had taken ownership of it.

Josh has courage, strong work ethic, and extreme ownership, making it so easy to have such absolute trust in him to deliver."

"I have worked around few teammates that have personified being a team player more than Josh Small. If something needs to get done on-time and requires extreme attention to detail, Josh is the man. Time and time again delivering excellent work. He also consistently goes the extra mile to ensure we are successful as a unit, whether its diving through Logrockets to make sure our client experience is smooth or hopping on a call to help investigate an issue well after hours. The bounds of his job description don't limit his ability to contribute. He's the type of coworker you wish you could have a million of, but we're more than content with one."

Thank you, Josh, for your excellent work and for truly embracing Trust, Courage, and Build in all that you do. We truly thank you for being a trusted member of the A-Team.

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