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"How Accountants' AR Builds A Better Client Experience" (repost from PYMNTS)

By | Dec 14, 2020

Written by PYMNTS (originally published on 12/11/2020)


"Manual accounts receivable (AR) processes are a headache for any administrative professional.


In the accounting profession, manually having to determine the fiscal value of services provided, and creating physical documents to bill clients, is a significant use of valuable time that could otherwise be spent on driving revenue for the firm.


Not only do legacy AR processes create inefficiencies for accountants and their organizations, but according to Aiwyn co-founders Justin Adams and Pat Morrell, they are also adding pain to the experience of accountants' own clients. Speaking with PYMNTS, Adams, who is also CEO of Aiwyn, and Morrell, vice president of sales, discussed how automation can support healthier cash flow for accounting firms, and explored the ways technologies like machine learning (ML) can drive value even further for both accountants and their clients."


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