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We're rebranding!

By | Jun 1, 2022


Pat Morrell on Anduin becoming Aiwyn!


Hey everyone! Pat Morrell here. I have some exciting news: we're rebranding under new company name!


Over the past 18 months, our company has grown exponentially from our five original "A-teamers" to 50, and from our three original customers, to now dozens of top-ranked firms that use our Intelligence-Based BillingTM (IBB) platform.


As we've grown, we've been listening to our customers. They view us in a broader context, beyond fixing the work to cash cycle. Firm leaders view us as their technology partner, guiding strategic growth. We are rebranding to align and focus on empowering firms to pursue accelerated and sustainable growth by leveraging data and artificial intelligence (AI).


Going forward, Anduin is now Aiwyn. Aiwyn translates to mean "wise friend."


Along with this rebrand, we are announcing an expansion of the markets we serve.


We work with CPA firms, both in and outside of the top 400 size ranking and with law firms of all sizes due to a reaction to two things:

  1. An overwhelming inbound interest from leaders of firms in those various sectors
  2. Our initial goal of building IBB to easily support this kind of expansion across all Professional Services lanes, and sizes

As we proceed forward as Aiwyn, we're extremely excited about what's ahead. There are big  things in the future for Aiwyn and we want to thank you for being on the journey with us.

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