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A Deep Dive into Aiwyn's Mission and Impact

By | Sep 6, 2023

A Q&A with Nick Hellman, Executive Director of Enterprise Accounts


In our pursuit of innovation and excellence, we at Aiwyn are constantly inspired by our mission and the impact we make in the world of accounting. To get a fresh perspective on our company's mission and strengths, we sat down with our newest team member, Nick Hellman. Join us as we delve into what makes Aiwyn unique, our growth trajectory, and our commitment to collaboration and professional development.


Q1: What Key Aspect of Our Company's Mission Inspired You to Join?


I was drawn to Aiwyn because it's a client-centric organization leading the profession in innovation. Aiwyn identified a need in the CPA market and created a solution that optimizes and streamlines the billing process, driving efficiency into firms. Coming from QuickFee, I noticed that firms prioritize the client experience and operational efficiency, especially with the talent shortage in the CPA profession.


Aiwyn has also excelled at building trust and relationships within the accounting space.


Q2: In Your View, What Sets Our Company Apart in the Industry?


What sets Aiwyn apart is its experienced team with diverse professional backgrounds that promote efficient collaboration and different viewpoints. Aiwyn listens attentively to firms, understanding their pain points and building practice automation solutions to address them. And Aiwyn’s best-in-class Net Promoter Score of 74 is evidence of how much firm leaders value Aiwyn, and how attuned Aiwyn’s team and technologies are to firm needs.


Q3: How Do You Envision Elevating Our Company's Existing Strengths?


My plan is to help build upon the strong foundation already laid at Aiwyn. I aim to connect our current Top 100 CPA firms with prospective firms interested in Aiwyn's solutions. The more firm leaders who learn about Aiwyn, the better!


Q4: What Aspects of Our Company's Legacy and Impact Excite You the Most?


I'm excited about Aiwyn's tremendous growth and the trajectory it's on for the near and distant future. The founders and leadership team's experience in finding product-market fit and solving for real, practical challenges in the CPA space is also inspiring.


Q5: How Do You Plan to Amplify Our Company's Voice and Communication Reach?


My strategy involves creatively channeling our messaging and value proposition to other thought leaders in the space and sharing the success stories of firms in the Aiwyn community with others.


Alliances like CPAmerica, BDO Alliance, Allinial Global, and Prime Global are clearly fantastic forums to socialize Aiwyn, and I look forward to continuing to work with the leaders of those fantastic organizations (and others) as we continue to grow.

Q6: What Steps Will You Take to Foster Professional Advancement Among Team Members?


I plan to actively listen to team members, understand their needs, and empower them to reach their fullest potential. I'll continually work on sharpening my communication skills for intentional discussions. Openness to feedback and trust-building are key elements in fostering professional growth.


Q7: How Will You Uphold Our Company's Positive Identity and Supportive Environment?


I'll uphold Aiwnyn’s values – Trust, Courage, Impact, and Relentlessness – and prioritize customers while  collaborating with team members .

Q9: Why Should Firms Consider Aiwyn?


Firms should choose Aiwyn to drive digital advancements, gain a competitive edge, and enhance the client experience. Aiwyn's solutions save time for staff, allowing firms to allocate resources effectively and promote revenue growth in other areas of the business.


Interested in learning more about how Aiwyn can help your firm achieve profitable growth? Speak to an Aiwyn automation expert today.


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Aiwyn enhances the revenue cycle for accounting firms by integrating with existing practice management and CRM systems to unlock client and firm data, automate processes, and increase cash flow.



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