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Wed, Sep 8, '21

Profile Of A Founder: Pat Morrell

Written by The Tech Tribune (originally published on 09/08/2021)

An exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A with Pat Morrell (co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer) of Aiwyn, which was honored in our 2022 Best Tech Startups In Charlotte

Tell us the origin story of Aiwyn – what problem were you trying to solve and why?

We started Aiwyn with the express mission of unlocking time and money for knowledge workers. Our co-founding team had all either witnessed or experienced first-hand a range of frustrating and costly inefficiencies in the back-office of professional services firms. We knew there were expensive and wide-ranging issues there, and we believed we could create value by solving those problems. The first solutions we built on our Intelligence-Based Billing™ platform specifically targeted the work-to-cash cycle at accounting firms. We focused here because our early customers (CEOs and CFOs of leading CPA firms) told us that their billing, collections, and payments processes were the greatest sources of pain and loss for their firms. We wanted to tackle these big, hard accounts’ receivable problems because that’s where the value was then, and is still today. And with the ROI we’re delivering for our customers, we have an exciting runway to grow quickly. And you can see it for yourself by joining me in a demo (shameless plug, but had to do it).

What was the biggest hurdle you encountered in your journey?

To start, we needed to find the “connective tissue” of pain that was shared across firms...

To continue reading the full interview, visit: https://thetechtribune.com/pat-morrell-of-anduin/

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