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Aiwyn Recognized in AccountingToday's 2021 Top New Products

By | Feb 5, 2021

Written by AccountingToday (originally published on 2/4/2021)


"Every major area of technology that has promised to have the greatest impact on the accounting profession — the cloud, artificial intelligence and blockchain — accelerated both in adoption and development last year, mainly driven by the COVID-19 crisis. The good news is that this brings more efficiency and more capabilities to the profession, just when it needed them the most to serve clients struggling with the repercussions of the pandemic. AI has shown its applicability in several service areas; new technology has grown up to support needs around the Paycheck Protection Program; and the cloud enables much of this growth."

"Many of the products below are great examples of the changes 2020 spurred in the accounting technology space, while others stand out as examples of pioneering innovation; either way, they are all great new and improved tools for accountants and firms. . ."

"AR tools
Intelligence-Based Billing™ (Aiwyn)

Intelligence-Based Billing™ is an accounts receivable platform that uses artificial intelligence to learn a business’ user habits. The solution integrates and analyzes data from across firm systems to deliver actionable insights and predictive intel to firm leaders. The software is new, just released in December, but is a great example of how quickly AI is shaping the accounting profession. As such tools get implemented, it will reestablish expectations around automation among business clients, and more and more firms will have to follow suit to keep up. . ."

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