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Thu, Jun 30, '22

A Decade of Change


At Aiwyn we talk a lot about the “Firm of the Future.” The Firm of the Future is not
your parents’ accounting firm, where “business as...
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Wed, Jun 1, '22

We're rebranding!


Pat Morrell on Anduin becoming Aiwyn!


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Fri, May 6, '22

The “Merger-rama” Continues: Another Accounting Mega Firm Announced

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the CPA firm "Merger-rama" isn’t a passing trend.


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Fri, Feb 18, '22

The CPA Accounting Firm "Merger-Rama" Will Continue.

Learn why top national leading accounting firms are joining forces.

Big news recently, in case you...

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Thu, Sep 16, '21

Bob Youakim Joins Aiwyn Board of Directors

The Founder and Chairman of the Board at Passport, a global mobility and payments platform company,...

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Thu, Sep 9, '21

Aiwyn Announces it Will Offset 227 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions

 Through its partnership with Green Places to Work, Aiwyn affirms a commitment to environmental...

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Wed, Jul 7, '21

Time Is Money.

When it comes to billing, your partners are wasting both.

If you’re like most other accounting...

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