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Success Story - Elliott Davis

Elliott Davis, an independent firm of Moore North America, has been serving clients for over 100 years. They have redefined what it means to be a tax, accounting, and financial consulting services provider. The firm prioritizes making a positive impact on their customers and embraces technology to do so.

Success Story - Elliott Davis (Tax, Accounting and Financial Consulting Services Provider)

After working with Aiwyn for just 3 months, Elliott Davis saw:

  • 40%

    increase in YoY online payment volume

  • 14.6%

    reduction in time to pay invoices

  • 18%

    clients paying numerous invoices at once

With laser-focus on their customers, Elliott Davis' forward-thinking mindset is always looking for ways to improve their firm's operations to enable continuous growth and provide best-in-class services to their clients.

“When we first saw Practice Automation, it was clear that Aiwyn created a solution that was built for the future and addressed the needs that we had in front of us. We trust our partnership with a business that prioritizes our clients' best interests like we do.”

Stephen Pelcher, Director of Finance at Elliott Davis

Success Story Deep-Dive

⋮ Challenge: Restricted.

As Elliott Davis continued to grow, the volume of data necessary to make pivotal choices was pressing employee capacity to its maximum. The firm needed to be able to unlock more data that was crucial to understand their true process management and the firm's financial health. The firm established steps that proved to be labor intensive for their staff, and, subsequently, created a cumbersome billing and payment client experience. Elliott Davis needed to find a better way to streamline processes that would both enable their employees and serve their clients.

Solution: Embracing technology.

When Elliott Davis learned about Aiwyn's Practice Automation solution, the firm was intrigued by the idea of unlocking data that would deliver process automation and exceptional reporting with the Payments and Collections tool.

After implementing Aiwyn's intuitive solutions, Elliott Davis has saved their employees from countless hours on repetitive back office tasks. At the click of a button, the team can now deploy invoices and payment reminders, enforcing a simple and seamless client experience.

The firm has implemented an intelligent, effortless, and straightforward solution, enabling their team to keep their key priority on their clients.

  • Founded in 1920

  • Inside Public Accounting Top 100 Firm

  • Aiwyn customer since 2021

Elliott Davis worked with Aiwyn to drive innovation and transformation within their firm.

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