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You’ve probably read a lot about AI in accounting. Perhaps it was about how AI is going to take over human jobs and devour the world – it all gets pretty fantastical, right? While we’re not living in a Hollywood rise-of-the-machines movie, the prospects AI-driven change are both daunting and exciting.

This white paper will dispel the rumors and set practical expectations for how an investing in AI today — especially in your firm's finance back office — can pay compounding dividends in the future.

"Incorporating AI to accounts receivable does not displace humans, but instead helps you find behaviors and risks so that you can assess and decide how to proceed forward. The system grows value over time, making better-informed decisions and giving you more bandwidth."
-  Ellen Choi, Aiwyn cofounder

AI Revolutionizes Accounts Receivable To:

Save Time
Speed up Cash Flow
Grow Revenues