Thought leaders from the accounting profession joined this panel to discuss the drastic changes we've seen in 2022 and what we predict for 2023. Panelists answered rapid fire questions to provide their point of views on trending topics and then dive deeper to answer your questions!

Watch this discussion to learn:

  • Trends from 2022 that made an impact and those that did not.
  • What did we learn from this last year that we will take into 2023.
  • Emerging trends that will make a dent in accounting profession in 2023.


Maureen Dillmore

Maureen Dillmore

Executive Director


Maureen is the Executive Director for PrimeGlobal North America, a top three accounting association. Prior to joining PrimeGlobal in early 2022, Maureen spent 13 years in the accounting association industry. During her time working in associations, she held a variety of roles from Membership Coordinator to Director of Events, giving her a well-rounded view of the needs and goals of membership in an association.

Maureen works collaboratively with the other members of the Executive Management Team to successfully lead the association. The EMT share responsibility for developing the strategy, plans, priorities and achieving targets for PrimeGlobal. She meets regularly with the North American Regional Council to gain insights into the pulse of the membership and what is driving firms into the future.

Michael Horwitz Headshot

Michael Horwitz

Executive Director

BDO Alliance USA

Michael is the Executive Director of BDO Alliance USA, the largest association of US-based independent accounting, tax and advisory firms, comprised of over 215 CPA firms and 100 advisory firms and vendors (Business Resource Network) where he leads a team dedicated to maximizing the value of collaboration between member firms, as well as with BDO USA and BDO Global.

Prior to joining BDO in 2002, Michael was previously a tax partner with a Big Four firm, where he helped to create an Alliance with independent accounting firms. Michael is passionate about the accounting profession, and the value that the trusted advisors providing assurance, tax and consulting services deliver to the business community as well as to individuals.

Ellen O Sullivan

Ellen O'Sullivan

Executive Director

Moore North America

As North America’s Executive Director, together with the Global CEO and Board of Directors, Ellen develops and executes short and long-term organizational strategies for the growth and development of the Moore North American association. Ellen manages the Executive Office Team and oversees the delivery of programs and activities to centrally serve members.

Prior to her current role, Ellen worked for RSM International in their global executive office in London where her job was to support the development and growth of the network and its member firms. Her main area of responsibility was recruitment of new member firms and coordination and completion of strategic projects for the CEO.

Heather Mesquita Headshot

Heather Mesquita

Vice President of National Accounts


Heather Mesquita, Vice President of National Accounts at Aiwyn, manages strategic relationships with the Top 100 firms. Previously, Heather was Senior Director of Strategic Accounts at XCM, with similar roles at Wolters Kluwer and Thomson Reuters. Heather has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to working with public accounting firms on ways to leverage technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risk. With a focus on continuous business process improvements, Heather works with firms to provide the optimal client experience and implement the right technology to improve overall financial health and support future growth.


Pat Morrell

Chief Revenue Officer, Cofounder


Pat is a veteran sales and marketing leader and startup founder. His experience includes being employee #3 at Three Ships and leading enterprise sales for Skookum, a software agency. After being recruited to Sealed Air Corporation to build the enterprise's first inside sales team and running a 9-figure portfolio of commodity products, he founded a successful direct to consumer eCommerce business, which he then sold. Thereafter, he cofounded Digitize.AI where he ran sales — after successfully exiting that business, he started Aiwyn with Justin Adams, his Digitize.AI cofounder.