After working with Aiwyn for just 3 months, MST saw:


invoices paid within 2 weeks of receiving Smart Statements
DSO reduction


saved per month on billing & collections

An Accounting Today Top 200 firm, MST focuses on their core values, committing to a forward-facing mindset that allows them to continue to grow and evolve their firm successfully.

Aiwyn Success Story Barry Brown@2x

Barry Brown, CPA, CITP | Chief Operating Officer

“Previously, we spent so much time trying to make practice management accounts receivables, client payments, and our internal general ledger systems talk to each other. We are very, VERY happy with the cash flow results provided via Aiwyn's Payments and Collections, along with their integrations.”

Success Story Deep-Dive

Challenge: Slow processes and cash flow.

MST struggled to get bills out the door and paid on time. They tried a few things internally to fix the problem, like instituting a new practice management system, but they were still unable to find a way to sync their systems and increase their cash flow.

Additionally, the firm's staff was spending hours completing processes that were tedious and inefficient. The processes for invoices and collecting payments needed automation. MST staff knew there had to be a better way to gather precise data in a simple and thoughtful manner, that could ultimately enable them to spend more time on clients.

Solution: Dramatic increase in cash flow.

MST began using Aiwyn's Payments and Collections solutions in early 2022, enabling them to have full connectivity across their business systems. Now that their practice management, client payments, and internal ledger systems are synced, the firm is seeing a dramatic increase in cash flow.

"In addition to getting paid faster, the solution is a great timesaver for both our firm and our clients. It is extremely efficient and reduces any inaccuracies in data, which provides us with the ability to make better decisions for our firm," stated Managing Partner, Angela Griner.

Summary: Game changer.

Billing and collections at MST used to take hours. Now, the time it takes to complete has decreased significantly and become much more efficient. The increased cash flow has allowed them to be strategic, making this solution a game changer when it comes to firm success.