Since working with Aiwyn, Hancock Askew has seen:


increase in finance charge collection
increase in electronic payment volume in the first three months


for employees
Aiwyn Success Story Reagan Hollis@2x

Reagan Hollis, Finance Manager

“After our first month, we were just shocked by the benefits we received from it, the quicker turnaround, the client experience, our internal experience…it’s just been absolutely wonderful. With all of the various software conversions we’ve gone through within my sixteen years with Hancock Askew & Co, this one has truly been the most seamless.”

Success Story Deep-Dive

Challenge: Time wasted on tedious tasks.

Employees at Hancock Askew were spending a frustrating number of hours on rote tasks, particularly on reminding their clients to pay their bills. The firm’s Managing Partner took a chance and signed a contract with Aiwyn, hoping to unlock time and money via automation. Just two weeks after their contract was signed, Hancock Askew jumped on a call with Aiwyn and started planning how to implement the solution, streamline their firm’s payments and collections processes, and elevate the client experience. 

Solution: Smart Statements.

Hancock Askew worked with Aiwyn’s Customer Success team to implement the Payments & Collections platform in just six weeks. The firm saw results shortly after go-live, such as faster turnaround and better experiences for both the employees and clients. Reagan Hollis, the firm’s Finance Manager, called Aiwyn’s Smart Statements “a lifesaver” because of the time savings for her team. Further adaptations and customizations of Payments & Collections around Hancock Askew’s specific needs will help grow the firm into the future.

Summary: Happy employees, happy clients.

Hancock Askew continues to champion Aiwyn because of the overwhelmingly positive results their firm has seen. Aiwyn’s Payments & Collections solution has made it easier for the firm’s clients to pay their bills–and receive reminders when needed–and easier internally for employees to post those payments. 

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