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Aiwyn Announces World-Class Net Promoter Score

By | Apr 12, 2022

Ratings prove that the business sets the gold standard for accounting software


Charlotte, NC – March 22, 2022Aiwyn, the leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology company helping accounting firms streamline their work-to-cash cycle and practice management operations, is proud to announce a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.


A company’s NPS is the leading metric used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, based on the question: “How likely are you to recommend this product or service to a friend or colleague?”

In the professional services space, the average NPS is 43. An NPS above 73 is considered top-tier. Aiwyn’s score of 82 is evidence that the company is setting the standard for customer experience in the accounting software space.


At its inception, Aiwyn partnered with accounting firms in order to build solutions intentionally around their needs and pain points, rather than bring a product to market and then shoehorn it into a firm’s practices. Since launching the Intelligence-Based Billing™ platform, Aiwyn has been realizing its threefold mission of helping accounting firms save time, speed up cash flow, and deliver a superior client experience.


Not only is Intelligence-Based Billing™  making Aiwyn’s customers happy; the AI-powered Accounts Receivable (AR) platform is also winning industry accolades such as being named one of Accounting Today's Top New Products in both 2021 and 2022. 


Aiwyn Chief Executive Officer, Justin Adams, said this about the world-class NPS score:


"Our NPS just confirms what we’ve been hearing firsthand from our customers—that Aiwyn’s solutions make firms' lives easier and help them get revenue in the door more quickly. When we started Aiwyn, we set out to delight our customers, and it’s very satisfying to have a number that confirms we’re doing exactly that.”


Because Intelligence-Based Billing™  is powered by AI and machine learning, the software gets smarter over time. This mean’s Aiwyn’s partner firms will continue to see value added and time saved, enabling them to delight their clients with a frictionless billing experience.


Aiwyn’s NPS echoes customer feedback:


“Since implementing Intelligence-Based Billing™ , we have seen our digital payment volume significantly increase. This solution has been a game changer for both our firm and our clients!”



PR_NPS_May 2022_No Logo_Aiwyn Branded


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For more information, visit www.aiwyn.ai


About Aiwyn


Aiwyn helps top-ranked professional services firms revolutionize their work-to-cash cycle, resulting in faster cash flow firm-wide, more productive and fulfilled professionals, and a superior client experience. With Aiwyn's Intelligence-Based Billing™ (IBB) platform, high-value firm executives, partners, and staff are liberated to deliver more value to clients and work at the highest end of their professional expertise. Aiwyn offers a suite of solutions built on the IBB platform that speed up the client payment cycle and provide firm leaders with predictive insights to drive smarter strategic growth decisions. Benefits of Aiwyn to accounting and law firms firms: partners can save time, bill faster, and shed administrative headaches; finance leaders can reduce days-in-WIP and days-in-AR, speed up client payments, and smooth out cash flow; executives can better protect financial health with predictive insights and controls, and improve their firm reputation by offering best-in-class experiences to clients.

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