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... entrepreneurs launch startup Aiwyn... (repost, Charlotte Inno)

By | Dec 18, 2020
Aiwyn cofounders

Written by Elisa Franco at Charlotte Inno (originally published on 12/14/2020)


"When Justin Adams and Pat Morrell sold their two-year-old tech startup last summer, they planned to take a break, kick back and relax.

But it wasn't long before the entrepreneurial itch was back, and the pair was linking up with fellow innovators Chris Furlong and Tanner Fritz on a new venture.

Morrell, Adams, Fritz and Tanner founded Aiwyn earlier this year. The startup is an AI platform that automates and improves accounts receivable for accounting and consulting firms.

The founders are no strangers to AI and systems automation, Morrell said. Prior to creating Aiwyn, he and Adams founded Digitize.AI, a platform that automated pre-authorizations for large health-care systems. The startup, founded in 2017, was acquired last year by Waystar.

"We transitioned out of Digitize in late April and took some time to be with our families, but Justin and I realized we liked building businesses together," Morrell said. "So, we created Aiwyn and spent much of 2020 interviewing folks in the accounting and professional services space. Eventually we happened upon a pain point they have in accounts receivable."

For six months, the founders worked to take the company from concept to reality. Morrell said they were able to do just that by working closely with three accounting firms as platform beta testers."

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