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Highly Valued Excellence

By | Sep 22, 2021

How Customer Success can bring your accounting firm excellence...

As a Senior Customer Success Manager,  I’m supposed to report to our Vice President of Customer Success, but if I’m being honest, I actually report to my customers! In other words, from the moment a customer signs a contract, they are now my boss. Don’t take this the wrong way, none of our customers have yet to take advantage of this hierarchy - we’ve actually developed a true partnership, where they lean on my expertise to connect them with truly valuable solutions and services.


Our customers look to us for value. We’re not talking about something fair or suitable that you find on sale on Labor Day...  We are talking about the desirability aspect of value: high-quality excellence. While I ensure that accounting firms are receiving high-valued service, our solutions are ensuring that they receive more tangible values to grow their success.


anduin_payment_sent_kqwquqntTake, for example, our Payments module. This module is intuitively built to provide an accounting firm’s clients with a frictionless payment experience. One way friction is reduced is seen through the 1-click invoice email that the client receives. Equipped with an attached invoice PDF, the client can click one button to securely navigate them directly to the payment screen without the need for additional account authorizations. Another way friction is reduced is by enabling clients to save their favorite payment methods for an even faster invoice payment process. We even celebrate a client’s successful payment by toasting them on-screen with a fun graphic. The firm’s clients are delighted by this experience which increases their allegiance to their accounting firm.


Anduin Intelligence Based Billing-1

Another example, our Collections module. This module first gives time back to both partners and accounting firm admins by automating their collections efforts. Our system sends invoice reminder emails and texts to clients based on how their firm likes to communicate. Furthermore, our system learns which scheduled reminders encourage the most clients to pay the soonest, then optimizes the reminder schedule accordingly. The internal time saved and outstanding accounts receivables collected are second to none. Firm’s are delighted by now having more time to spend on other value-add activities.


Delight across the board inspires loyalty. A client’s delight drives loyalty to their accounting firm. A firm’s delight drives loyalty to the source of that delight.


The solutions that Aiwyn provides to your accounting firm are not just straight out-of-the-box, in fact, our solution probably wouldn’t fit in any standard box even if we wanted it to! The high-value of working with the Aiwyn Customer Success team is that we both guide you with tips and tricks and ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. As our solution brings your firm more and more data, we help you to utilize it in a way that will grow your firm. While our payments and collections modules bring value in increasing the realization of your WIP, time savings, and client delight, we aren’t going to stop there. We want you to be able to visualize and understand all of your accounts receivables data. This firm-customized level of insight will enable leadership to accurately scope future firm health as well as maximize partner productivity.


We operate on delivering a high-value service and solution to our accounting firm partners. Your firm comes first and our Customer Success team delivers excellence in services and solutions to your fingertips, creating a delightful experience for both you and your clients, as well as providing you a simple way to shape your accounting firm’s future. Quality, greatness and worth are contributing factors of services and solutions that are highly-valued, and at Aiwyn, we deliver just that. 


To learn more, schedule a free demo of our solution or contact us!

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