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4 Ways Pinion Elevated Their Employee & Client Experiences

By | Feb 28, 2023

Pinion, formerly KCoe Isom, is a Top 100, nationwide accounting firm. An independent member of the PrimeGlobal International Accounting Association, Pinion has been working with clients since 1932. Their purpose is to provide innovation, creativity, and strategy to benefit their firm’s bottom line.


Pinion employees are experts specialized in the industries they serve. They typically don’t just work on the business, they work in the business—so they truly understand the challenges their clients face and what matters most to them.


Pinion’s mission is to make a difference in the lives they touch, and Pinion’s values (collaboration, exploration, and initiative) serve as the guideposts for how they relate to people both internally at the firm and externally in their client base. As we discussed in a recent blog post, "Do Experiences Make A Difference?", employee and client experiences truly do make a difference for accounting firms. Here are four ways Pinion has been working to elevate their employee experience (EX) and client experience (CX):


(Pro tip: these are things your firm can do too!)


1. Put someone in charge of CX. 
Pinion named one of their Principals to the newly created role of Client Experience Coordinator. If your firm values CX, you need to have someone take ownership of it. Additionally, this offered a Principal advancement in their accounting career and an opportunity to shape the firm’s CX strategy and culture.

2. Ask questions. 
Pinion’s Client Experience Coordinator now conducts exit interviews with clients that leave the firm, and talks to clients who are onboarding. This willingness to be curious and to listen has helped the firm understand many of the pain points around the client experience so they can work to improve it.

3. Look within. 
Pinion’s Client Experience Coordinator also regularly checks in with the service team to understand the employee perspective. If an issue pops up with a client, very often the service team are the ones who hear about it and are on the front lines of client relations. Their perspective is highly valuable.

4. Budget for innovation. 
Pinion Principal and Finance Leader, Leslie Thole, recognized the importance of planning financially for constant innovation. “Innovation” is now a line item in the firm’s budget, so the firm can invest in updates and improvements that benefit clients and employees.


Now let’s expand on innovation for a moment. Here at Aiwyn, “transforming today for the success of tomorrow” is a rallying cry as we partner with firms like Pinion to provide innovative technology that will support sustained growth and success.


As part of Pinion’s quest to elevate the CX and EX, the firm partnered with Aiwyn and adopted our AI-powered Payments & Collections solution into their processes. In a short time, Pinion has seen huge success from this innovative decision: namely, 12% reduction in DSO and 89% invoices paid within 2 weeks of receiving Smart Statements!


That doesn’t even include the hours saved every month on the employee side through the automation of statements and payment posting, and the glowing response from clients on how easy the software has been to use. New EX and CX level unlocked!


“Aiwyn has reduced our collections time, saved resources and staff hours, increased ease for our clients, and has helped to elevate our operations teams and procedures by supporting a streamlined, centralized channel of invoicing and payments. Aiwyn is always working smoothly alongside us, behind the scenes, to help Pinion achieve its goals.” — Danielle Holland, Billing Team Supervisor at Pinion.

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Pinion took 4 concrete steps to elevate their EX and CX, and it has paid off. Is it time for your firm to do the same? Find out how Aiwyn’s Practice Intelligence™ solutions can help your firm deliver a seamless client experience and make life easier for your employees–all while getting cash in your firm’s door, faster and easier.

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