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Unlocking the Future of Accounting

By | Sep 25, 2023

A Conversation with Aiwyn's Visionary CEO, Justin Adams


In the ever-evolving landscape of accounting, where technology and client experience are paramount, Aiwyn is making significant strides in reshaping the industry. We were founded on the premise of revolutionizing how accounting firms operate, and have emerged as a pioneering force, introducing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between automation and an exceptional client experience.

In this insightful Q&A, we delve into the visionary journey of Aiwyn's CEO, Justin Adams, who shares the genesis of Aiwyn and its mission to liberate accounting firms from the shackles of manual administrative tasks and disconnected client experience. From the core values guiding Aiwyn to its flagship products, Adams takes us on a journey that explores the company's unique position in the industry.

Discover how we are poised to redefine the future of accounting, why practice automation is creating ripples of success, and what exciting developments, including the groundbreaking "Relay," lie on the horizon. Join us as we explore Aiwyn's unwavering commitment to automation and advancement and its profound impact on the accounting industry.


Q: What inspired the creation of Aiwyn and what was your initial vision for the company?


A: Aiwyn was born from my years of firsthand experience in professional services. I witnessed the passion professionals had for serving clients but also observed how technology often hindered rather than empowered them. Instead of merely identifying the issue, I took the initiative to address it by founding Aiwyn.


Q: Could you elaborate on the core mission of Aiwyn?


A: At its core, Aiwyn exists to liberate professionals in the service industry, allowing them to focus on what they do best—serving their clients. We believe that no one aspires to be a CPA spending 55% of their time on administrative tasks rather than delivering value to clients.


Q: Can you provide an overview of Aiwyn's product offerings, particularly highlighting your flagship product?


A: Aiwyn's journey began with payments and collections, driven by a frustrating personal experience when paying an accounting bill. However, our most anticipated product is Client Engagement Automation (CEA). It not only promises an exceptional client experience but also empowers firms to scale their operations efficiently while staying compliant. A complete win-win. 


Q: Within your product portfolio, is there a particular offering you believe deserves more recognition in the accounting community?


A: Billing Automation has proven to significantly increase overall firm realization rates compared to the pre-existing state. Enhancing firm realization is synonymous with improving profitability, benefiting everyone within the firm.


Q: What exciting developments are on Aiwyn's horizon and how will they impact the industry?


A: We are thrilled about our latest product, Relay. This innovative solution addresses the issue of disconnected software solutions within firms. Relay seamlessly integrates disparate systems, providing a unified data experience. This not only enhances practitioners' day-to-day operations but also elevates the client experience to new heights.

Q: What distinguishes Aiwyn from other companies in your industry, and what unique strengths does Aiwyn bring to the table?


A: Aiwyn is the sole technology company founded in the past decade exclusively focused on accounting firms, having raised over $30 million in venture capital. Our significant investment demonstrates our commitment to rapidly deliver solutions to the market, addressing critical industry challenges through collaboration with firms.


Q: From a tech perspective, what is the most pressing challenge accountants face today?


A: Accountants are grappling with the proliferation of disconnected point solutions, which result in over 50% of their time being consumed by administrative tasks rather than billable hours. This fragmentation also negatively impacts the client experience. Aiwyn’s mission is to change that. Relay is the revolutionary solution to this challenge. 

Q: Can you share success stories illustrating how Aiwyn's solutions have transformed accounting firms' profitability and growth?

A: Stephen Pelcher, Director of Finance at Elliott Davis, had this to say: "It was clear that Aiwyn created a solution that was built for the future and addressed the needs that we had in front of us. We trust our partnership with a business that prioritizes our clients' best interests like we do."

After working with Aiwyn for three months, Elliot Davis saw a 40% increase in YoY online payment volume, a 14.6% reduction in time to pay invoices, and 18% of clients paying numerous invoices at once. The value Aiwyn has provided Elliot Davis’s firm's operations and client experience is clear. 

Q: In today's accounting landscape, automation and client experience

are crucial. How does Aiwyn stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends?


A: Aiwyn's leadership brings together a wealth of industry knowledge, an innate understanding of client needs, and a proven track record of experience. Our unwavering commitment to a customer-centric mission and vision underscores our approach. Furthermore, our dedication to innovation is reflected in the continuous introduction of cutting-edge automation solutions, positioning Aiwyn as a pioneer in the industry. These solutions are meticulously crafted to fortify the foundations of profitability and growth for accounting firms, ensuring an unmatched client experience.

Q: Looking ahead, what is Aiwyn's long-term vision for the accounting
industry, and how does Aiwyn plan to contribute to its future evolution?


A: Aiwyn's vision extends to a fundamental transformation of the accounting industry. We recognize that the industry's macro challenges necessitate tech solutions that currently do not exist. Aiwyn stands uniquely poised to be the driving force behind this transformation, effecting lasting change within the industry.


Our conversation with Justin Adams, CEO of Aiwyn, has revealed a remarkable journey of transformation in the accounting industry. Aiwyn's commitment to liberating service professionals from administrative burdens and its dedication to enhancing client experiences stand as commendable missions.

Aiwyn's product offerings, notably Client Engagement Automation and Relay, showcase innovation at its finest. These solutions not only improve firm realization rates but also amplify the overall client experience. In addition, the launch of Relay represents a pivotal moment for the accounting industry. This innovative product promises to connect disparate systems, offering seamless data flow and an enhanced practitioner and client experience. 

In an industry grappling with fragmentation and inefficiencies, Aiwyn's unique, partner-centric approach and innovative product developments make it a change catalyst. Aiwyn reminds us that the future of accounting is filled with promise, driven by innovation, dedication, and a resolute focus on clients and professionals alike.


Interested in learning more about how Aiwyn can help your firm achieve profitable growth? Speak to an Aiwyn automation expert today.


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