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Unlock 2022: The importance of community

By | Oct 14, 2022

Aiwyn’s Unlock 2022 inaugural user conference took place in September 2022 with three distinct purposes in mind:

  1. To unlock data
  2. To unlock a superior client experience
  3. To unlock possibilities

So now you know why we’ve dubbed the title “Unlock,” right? You might be wondering, how did we go about meeting these goals in just two days?



Unlock 2022 was jam-packed full of sessions with influential keynote speakers, meaningful roundtable discussions, and entertaining networking opportunities galore that ranged from tasting room dinners, to group outings to the The Presidents Cup PGA golf tournament, to a brewery happy hour. It goes without question that Unlock 2022 exceeded everyone’s expectations.


Our most paramount aspect, and the reason why we were able to pull off such an incredible event, was the opportunity to welcome our customers to our hometown headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. With over 40 of the Top 400 firms, attendees joined together to connect with fellow leaders, learn from experts in the accounting space, and discuss topics that matter, all while celebrating their success. Keynote speakers, Dave Ridley, former CMO from Southwest Airlines, and Bob Lewis, President of The Visionary Group, presented sessions that were relevant to overarching problems CPA firms are facing today and eye-opening to solutions and ways to reframe our thinking. Our Aiwyn A-Team led discussions on tangible and actionable best practice management for firms, provided a sneak peak at our product roadmap, and collaborated on significant topics in roundtables and breakout sessions.


Our customers, or our #AiwynFriends, as we like to say, are the reason that this company was founded. The ability to partner with firms from the beginning laid the groundwork for our successful and innovative solutions. At Aiwyn, we never want to lose sight of the opportunity to continue to listen and evolve alongside our end users.


In just two days, we learned the following from our attendees:

  • Client experience is the top priority of importance to their firms.
  • The biggest client experience challenges their firms are facing are related to disparate systems, lack of standardization, and client onboarding.
  • In the next three years, these accounting firms, and their peers, predict that there will be less firms overall due to mergers and acquisitions and more usage of technology.

By now, you’re probably wishing that you attended our user conference, aren’t you? Well, the good news is that we’re pleased to announce that we are launching “Unlock 2022, The Recap,” a blog series that captures recaps from our, giving you a high-level sneak peak into some of the sessions from our user conference. Did I say high level? Yes — because we can’t give away ALL of our secrets! But trust me, you don’t want to miss this series of content on how your firm can unlock its potential, data, and possibilities, so make sure you follow Aiwyn on LinkedIn to see when the next post drops and subscribe to our monthly Accounting Tech Newsletter to see all of our latest updates.


Unlock 2022 provided all of us, our customers, our industry partners, and our Aiwyn A-Team, with the opportunity to continue trailblazing the path, challenging the status quo, and elevating the client experience. We are thrilled that our customers have trusted us to make a difference in both their day to day processes and the overall success of their firms. Not only did Unlock 2022 enable us to collaborate, but it gave us the chance to strengthen our community and innovate for the future, together.


Follow Aiwyn on LinkedIn and subscribe to our monthly Accounting Tech Newsletter to score an early access look at each recap. Next up, we’ll be posting a recap on our first session: Unlocking Potential. Stay tuned!

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