After working with Aiwyn for just 3 months, BMSS saw:


increase in YoY digital payment volume
reduction in time to pay invoices
in time savings per month
Aiwyn Success Story Rebecca Cole@2x – 1

J. David Brown | Controller

“Since implementing Practice Automation, we have seen our digital payment volume increase 3x YoY. Additionally, our DSO has decreased by 10 days, meaning we are getting paid 21% faster!

This solution has been a game changer for both our firm and our clients!”

BMSS Advisors & CPAs takes pride in servicing clients with a nontraditional flair, providing every client with a community focused approach.

Success Story Deep-Dive

Challenge: Manual hurdles.

Antiquated and noncompliant payment processing software created several barriers for BMSS partners, staff, and clients. Manually posting each individual payment required countless hours of staff time every month, which kept BMSS growth stagnant and outdated. Additionally, with a lack of insight into client data, BMSS was missing valuable metrics and statistics regarding their clients and services.

Solution: Leveraging technology to enhance the client experience.

David’s team utilizes a lot of technology to get the job done. From reporting and production tracking to CRM and API-based software integrations, the BMSS team has a thorough and connected tech stack. This is something said to give BMSS a competitive advantage compared to other firms of their size.

“We’re definitely more tech forward, allowing us to continually use data to enhance the client experience on the fly,” Brown said.

Summary: Game changer.

BMSS is thinking strategically about how to leverage technology and extract insights at every touch point, making better decisions that will lead to an even better future.