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Do you want to provide a superior employee AND client experience?

Aiwyn helps Prime Global firms like yours with our Practice Automation platform that automates and streamlines the client engagement and onboarding, billing payments, and collections processes.

Firms that use Aiwyn's Practice Automation platform have seen dramatic ROI like:

  • 51% increase in speed of cash flow
  • 41% increase in overall collections
  • 69% invoices paid within 7 days with Smart Statements
  • 89% invoices paid within 2 weeks of "Collections" reminder
  • 42% share of late invoices paid after one "Collections" reminder
  • 3x increase in amount of online payments collected

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Partnering with firms like yours to accelerate cash flow, elevate their client experience, and save time.

Our customers rate our products & service as 'world class'

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Client Engagement Automation

Standardize, optimize, and automate client engagements in order to onboard and grow clients faster and more profitably.
Billing HeroIMG

Billing Automation

Simplify and automate the billing process so you can focus more on serving clients, and less time on preparing their invoices.

Payments HeroIMG

Payments Automation

Streamline and automate the invoicing, payment, and reconciliation processes, resulting in happier clients and more consistent payments.

Collections HeroIMG

Collections Automation

Reinforce and automate the outstanding and overdue AR process to increase cash flow and capture money faster.