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Grow Clients Faster & More Profitably

with Client Engagement Automation

Automate & simplify engagement letters and client onboarding at your firm with Aiwyn


Client Engagement Automation

Integrating seamlessly with your existing practice management and CRM systems, you now have the ability to create profitable engagement letters in under a minute. This solution allows you to simplify the intake process so you can start serving clients faster and more profitably. 

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How Can Client Engagement Automation Help Your Firm? 

  • More Capacity, Higher Margins: Create profitable engagement letters faster and more easily, yielding higher margin engagements and time-savings for CPAs
  • Simplify the Client Intake Experience: Streamline complete client intake lifecycle and sync data across firm systems — no more duplicate data-entry and document-chasing
  • Predictable Cash Flow, Faster: Upon engagement letter execution, clients set up AutoPay to speed up cash flow, eliminates AR, & improve the onboarding experience

Aiwyn partners with the accounting profession to bring versatile solutions that fit the needs of leadings firms.