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Bernard Robinson & Company

Bernard Robinson and Company (BRC) is an IPA top 200 firm founded in 1947. Learn how partnering with Aiwyn gave them visibility into firm performance while bringing high value to their clients.

Success Story - Bernard Robinson and Company (BRC)

After working with Aiwyn, Bernard Robinson & Company saw:

  • 69%

    More invoices paid within 7 days year over year

  • 32.8%

    Increase in percentage of online payment volume year over year

  • 13%

    Increase in online payment transactions compared to pre-Aiwyn prior months

“Saving a payment method is of high value to our clients. And with the Collections module, our partners are excited for their clients to receive Smart Statement reminders with PDF copies of their invoices via email.”

Cherie Arrington, Firm Accountant

Success Story Deep-Dive

⋮ Challenge

As the client-minded, growth-focused Bernard Robinson & Company entered this century, they began to feel underserved by their incumbent tech solution. This negatively impacts the client experience and creates more manual work for partners and their teams. As the firm unyieldingly pursued growth, they were looking for a new technology partner—and they found one in Aiwyn.


A technical integration like never before. BRC's legacy practice management system has been renowned for being tricky to integrate with. Aiwyn's engineering team remained stalwart in the face of this challenge, positioning BRC for a future where the firm leaders can use data to make increasingly intelligent decisions about its growth and client service delivery.

A large increase in online payments. After only one month of offering Aiwyn's Client Payment Portal, invoices paid within 7 days have increased nearly 70%. BRC started offering an online payment option for their clients last year, but within just a month of partnering with Aiwyn, BRC increased their volume of online client payments by more than 30% from this time last year. The amount of online payment transactions during this month was an average of 13% higher than prior months in 2021, during the peak of busy season. Aiwyn's Client Payment Portal alone allowed for a faster realization of cash-flow, with the Collections module to roll-out soon.

Client and partner delight alike. The Aiwyn payment experience is spreading delight like a wildfire amongst firm clients and partners. "Saving a payment method is high value to our clients," said BRC firm accountant, Cherie Arrington. "And with the Collections module starting any day now, our partners are excited for their clients to receive PDF copies of their invoice via email."

Aiwyn is the first company to integrate with BRC's practice management software, Deltek's Maconomy, and unlock the underlying data to modernize the firm's billing process and provide unprecedented visibility into firm performance. This partnership has produced tremendous results in less than a month of live service on Aiwyn's Payments and Collections portal.

Forbes 2021 - America's Best Accounting Firm