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Intelligence-Based Billing™ solves problems at each stage of the work-to-cash cycle.

Anduin Intelligence-Based Billing 1

Learn how Intelligence-Based billingTM can:

  • Cut back office AR costs by 30%+
  • Reduce unnecessary write-offs
  • Deliver a 10:1 ROI
  • Cut DSO by 51%
  • Save 24 hours per partner, per month
  • Grow invoice values
  • Increase client NPS


"Since taking a deeper dive into our billing processes with Aiwyn, we've been able to refine our client experience and alleviate our staff from cumbersome billing tasks."

-  Karen Crittenden, Director of Finance & Administration at Windham Brannon

Speed up your cash flow.

Gain predictive insights on firm-wide performance.

Revolutionize your practice management.

Delight your clients.

Become an "AI-ready" firm of the future.