Tracy VanNatta, DGPerry

“Although our firm had made the decision to transition to Aiwyn for payment processing, we had not yet been onboarded when the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. Without warning, we needed to implement a new online payment solution immediately. Aiwyn rose to the challenge, and I couldn’t be more pleased,” remarks Tracy Van Natta, DGPerry’s lead contact for billing and collections. “During a critical client deadline, Aiwyn’s turnkey solution was nothing short of miraculous! I am so happy we made the switch!”

Success Story Deep-Dive


The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse left DGPerry without the ability to process ACH payments for their clients

During the challenging times of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, DGPerry found itself in a precarious situation. The firm was confronted with a sudden and unexpected need to ensure the continuity of their operations, and navigate a complex landscape of financial instability for their clients. The urgency of the situation demanded a partner who could act swiftly and help the firm pivot from their incumbent payments solutions.


Quick and Nimble Service Resulting in a Tailor-Made Solution

Aiwyn's approach was characterized by three key elements:

  • Rapid Response: From the moment DGPerry contacted Aiwyn, they were quick to assess the firm’s situation and develop a customized plan of action. Their responsiveness was unparalleled, and they were available around the clock to address concerns.
  • Strategic Guidance: Aiwyn not only acted swiftly but also brought invaluable strategic insights to the table. They worked closely with the DGPerry team to mitigate potential losses and ensure the client experience was not impacted.  
  • Robust Technology: Leveraging their cutting-edge technology, Aiwyn’s engineering team built a payments portal specifically for DGPerry in order to secure the processing of ACH and credit card payments during one of their busiest billing seasons. 


Operational Continuity through Unprecedented Events

DGPerry was able to navigate the treacherous waters of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse with confidence and poise. The results speak for themselves:

  • Financial Security: DGPerry was protected from significant financial losses during the crisis.
  • Operational Continuity: The firm experienced minimal disruption to day-to-day operations due to Aiwyn’s ability to provide a customer payment platform within 2 business days allowing the firm to process ACH payments for any client.
  • Peace of Mind: The DGPerry team had peace of mind during a time of great uncertainty.

How DGPerry Successfully Navigated the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

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