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Sun, Dec 4, '22

Aiwyn Billing Frees Up Partner Time and Speeds Up Cash Flow

We at Aiwyn have been working on something BIG–and now we’re excited to share it with accounting firms everywhere.

Aiwyn Billing is a...

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Mon, Nov 15, '21

Edelstein Delivers Superior Client Experience With Aiwyn

Top-ranked, Boston-based CPA firm utilizes the Intelligence-Based Billing™ platform to enhance,...

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Fri, Nov 12, '21

Smart Statements: The future of accounts receivable is now.

Let's set the scene:

It is nearly the end of what was a very busy month. Partners have had their...

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Fri, Nov 5, '21

4 Best Practices for CAS Firms

Learn how you can accelerate CAS and bring your firm to a whole new level of client services


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Tue, Oct 26, '21

Embracing Accounting Tech During Talent Shortages

Keep up with remote work trends by incorporating smarter, more efficient tech

Challenges in the...

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Thu, Oct 21, '21

Aiwyn Joins the Information Technology Alliance

A company delegation will attend ITA’s Fall Collaborative conference from December 5th - 7th at the...

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Tue, Oct 12, '21

Aiwyn Core Value Winner - Q3 2021

Aiwyn is pleased to announce the 2021 Q3 Core Value Winner!

Design Lead, Joshua Rudd, was selected...

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Mon, Oct 4, '21

Founder Story: Playing Startup Poker with Justin Adams of Aiwyn

For our Kenny Rogers fans out there, here’s a question: What do “The Gambler” and a startup founder...

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Fri, Sep 24, '21

Aiwyn Sponsors the PKF International 2021 North America Regional Meeting

The company will host an exclusive showcase of its Intelligence-Based Billing™ AI platform in...

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