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Wed, May 26, '21

Announcing Aiwyn's AI Work-to-Cash Summer Series

As accounting firm leaders begin summertime strategic planning, Aiwyn will share proprietary research, webinars, and interviews that explore the value of AI in managing accounts receivable

Program details here: https://www.aiwyn.ai/ai-work-to-cash-summer-series-202

Charlotte, NC – May 26, 2021 – Aiwyn, a new technology company helping accounting firms streamline their work-to-cash cycles with artificial intelligence, today announces the company is rolling out an educational, content-driven AI Work-to-Cash Summer Series” to assist firms in strategic planning during the summer months. Each month will feature a different theme related to the value of introducing AI into firms’ work-to-cash cycles. Insight will be delivered to the market through educational and thought leadership content in the form of webinars, articles, guides, surveys, and blogs.

The planned topics are geared to firm leaders and partners. Each month, Aiwyn will take a deep dive into a specific area of opportunity related to firm billing, collections, and payment processing:

June: “How AI can help your firm win and retain more business through a superior client billing experience”

July: “How AI can help your firm revolutionize your back-office accounts receivable operations to save time and liberate partners”

August: “How AI can help your firm make better data-driven decisions that grow margins and speed up cash flow”

The series kicks off in June with a webinar hosted by Aiwyn cofounder Pat Morrell: “Creating a Better Client Experience Through a Better (AI-Powered) Work-to-Cash Cycle.” This webinar will expand on research Aiwyn published in its white paper by the same name (available now for download here). 

To receive webinar details, email updates, and early access to content, sign up for Summer Series updates here. Additional Summer Series content will often feature accounting profession thought leaders beyond the Aiwyn team, and all content will be posted on Aiwyn’s AI Work-to-Cash Summer Series webpage

“We’re stoked to explore these exciting growth ideas with accounting firm leaders this summer,” states Aiwyn CEO and cofounder, Justin Adams.

“Since we launched our Intelligence-Based BillingTM platform in January, we’ve seen a huge groundswell of interest—even during the busy tax season!

As more and more Top 400 firms have used Aiwyn’s platform, our team has gained more and more insight into the ROI value of introducing AI into billing and collections. Knowing that most firm leaders are heading into strategic planning meetings this summer, we want to pay it forward and share what we’ve learned with them. Get ready: we’ve got some big ideas coming!



About Aiwyn

Aiwyn helps top-ranked professional services firms revolutionize their work-to-cash cycle, resulting in faster cash flow firm-wide, more productive and fulfilled professionals, and a superior client experience. With Aiwyn's Intelligence-Based Billing™ (IBB) platform, high-value firm executives, partners, and staff are liberated to deliver more value to clients and work at the highest end of their professional expertise. Aiwyn offers a suite of solutions built on the IBB platform that speed up the client payment cycle and provide firm leaders with predictive insights to drive smarter strategic growth decisions. Benefits of Aiwyn to accounting and law firms firms: partners can save time, bill faster, and shed administrative headaches; finance leaders can reduce days-in-WIP and days-in-AR, speed up client payments, and smooth out cash flow; executives can better protect financial health with predictive insights and controls, and improve their firm reputation by offering best-in-class experiences to clients.

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