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Wed, Jan 5, '22

Aiwyn Core Value Winner - Q4 2021

Aiwyn is pleased to announce the Q4 2021 Core Value Winner!

Senior Customer Success Manager, Alex Kenis, was selected by his A-Team peers as someone who displays Aiwyn's three core values: Trust, Courage, and Build.


At Aiwyn, our three core values are the shared foundation of the company and is the driving force behind everything we do. Recently, we created the Quarterly Core Value Award to recognize the Aiwyn employee who embodies Trust, Courage, and Build at every level of their work and interaction with projects, peers, and partners. The Quarterly Core Value Winner exemplifies our commitment to our values and makes us stronger.


Group 2267

Congratulations, Alex!


"Alex is an absolute pleasure to work with. I measure myself against his very high standards. He truly exemplifies Aiwyn's Core Values of Trust, Courage, and Build. Thank you, Alex!"

"Alex is always so quick to help me when it comes to my overlap with his department. He never hesitates to jump on a call and is extremely helpful."

"Alex is always learning. He asks thoughtful, intentional questions on all areas of the business. His commitment to customers is strong. His cross-departmental interactions are great for the A-Team. He embodies so much of the Aiwyn Core Values."

Thank you, Alex, for your excellent work and for truly embracing Trust, Courage, and Build in all that you do and with every interaction you have with your peers and partners. We sincerely thank you for being a valued member of the A-Team.

Check out Alex's blog posts! 

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